“Your tranquility is reflected in well-painted spaces”

GA EXCLUSIVE CONSTRUCTION offers you Commercial and Residential Painters in Atlanta and throughout Georgia leaving your home or company full of life and revitalized by layers of paint that are according to your tastes.

Paint wear and damaged walls give your home a bad appearance and can affect the performance of the workers in your company. The same happens with the facade of houses and buildings. We assure you that each exterior facade, room of your home, or department of your office reflects good energy for those who inhabit it.

Our Interior Painting and Exterior Painting services have a team with 10 years of experience and meet all the standards to capture beauty, precision, and durability on your walls.

Not sure what type of paint or paint color to apply? We provide you with the necessary advice so that you choose the best and satisfy your needs.

Atlanta Painting Contractors That Meets Your Expectations

We not only paint your walls, but we also repair them so that every job we do is flawless.

Each contract we make with our clients we make sure to meet their expectations, we give more so that every penny of your budget is reflected in the finished product.
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At this time the interior of your home or business needs repair or paint modernization. The application of paint is crucial for the walls of every room, kitchen, bathroom, living room, or office to give a comfortable appearance.

Before starting each project, we will discuss and agree on some main points such as the painting areas, schedules, the type of paint that we will use, the materials, among other things, to carry out a job according to your needs.

In addition, we use an orderly process for the implementation of painting in your interior spaces to avoid damage to your objects. For this, we take due care, from the mobilization of the furniture to the final finishes for the different types of walls.

What Is Our Interior Painting Service About?

Interior painting for homes or businesses of all sizes
Remove and install wallpaper
Cabinet painting and drywall repair
Painting on interior ceilings
Free advice for the type of paint
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Process of Our Interior Painting Service

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The interior painting production manager and the customer will decide which rooms should be completed first and a timeline of when other rooms will be started. The colors for each room are approved by the customer.

Protecting Your Home

Small items are removed from the work area while large furniture is moved to the center of the room and protected with plastic. Pictures, outlet covers, light switches, and telephone jacks are removed and placed under plastic in a safe area. The floors are covered with drop sheets.


Holes as well as cracks in the drywall and imperfections on the walls are fixed with joint compound and sanded smooth. Gaps between trim and walls are caulked. Any stains and recently repaired spots on the walls are primed. Any dust is removed from the baseboards and trim.


Ceilings are painted first, followed by the walls and then trim. All surfaces receive high-quality paint which leaves a uniform and lasting finish.

Clean up

Outlet covers, light fixtures, and telephone jacks are reinstalled. Plastic and drop sheets are removed and furniture is put back in its original location. The floor is swept or vacuumed and the paint is labeled and given to the customer.

Quality Assurance

Our interior painting production manager will do a final inspection with the customer ensuring that the painting project is successfully executed.

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Updating the facade of your home can give it a better appearance so that each time you, your family, or those who visit you can feel comfortable and welcome. A good exterior painting company in Georgia knows that it requires a preliminary analysis to know the types of finishes on your facade.

GA EXCLUSIVE CONSTRUCTION is in charge of doing this analysis to provide you with a painting service for wood, metal, aluminum, or vinyl for your facade.

Also, the application of paint requires attention so that aspects such as rain and sun do not affect it in a short time and your investment is not lost.

These details are what determines the quality of a job and are part of our service to meet the satisfaction of our customers with excellent results.

What Is Our Exterior Painting Service About?

Washing the outside of your house
Repair of siding and trim
Paint the finishes of the exterior of your house
Free advice for the type of paint
exterior painting atlanta

Process of Our Exterior Painting Service

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For this step, the area being painted is thoroughly cleaned. If it is dirty or has mold or mildew, we will use a power washer or clean the surface by hand.

Protecting Your Home

All areas beneath and around the surfaces to be painted are protected with a drop sheet. Outdoor furniture, grills, etc. are moved away from the work area. Light fixtures and door handles are also protected.


All areas are inspected for peeling paint and rotten wood. Rotten wood is replaced and any loose paint is removed and sanded. Areas that have had paint scraped and/or wood replaced receive a coat of primer to seal the surface. All corners and gaps are caulked to seal out moisture.


Exterior painting serves two purposes: protection and beautification. We will consult with and advise you concerning the number of coats required to achieve both the protection and beautification of your home. If you are changing the color a second coat is needed to achieve the color you are looking for. We only use top-quality paints such as Duration and SuperPaint from Sherwin-Williams.

Clean up

The project area is cleaned daily and at the completion of the project. Paint chips are swept up and all equipment is removed. Outdoor furniture, barbeques, and the like are returned to their original location.

Quality Assurance

The production manager will do a final inspection with the customer. Final paperwork is completed and a customer survey card is left so that our performance may be evaluated.

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