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When your roof is more than 10 years old, it has suffered damage from weather events or the impact of other targets, these factors can cause your roof to be repaired and, in some cases, it is better to replace it entirely.

This requires a team of professionals to do this job to avoid major damage in the future. In your company, your work team will feel safe and your family will stay warm, dry and comfortable for longer at home.

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GA Exclusive Construction is an Atlanta roofing company. Roof replacement or repair is our greatest strength.

We offer a complete service for emergencies, 24/7 and with guarantees to provide the greatest satisfaction to you and your family.

Your Asphalt will be more resistant and refined due to its thickness and composition
Increased wind resistance, can withstand 1220 mph, while standard shingles withstand 60-80 mph
Better fire resistance than standard composition tiles
Offers a guarantee of 5 years for labor and 30 years for manufacturing of the material

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What is Shingle Roofing and how you can benefit?

What is Shingle Roofing?

This type of roof is a cladding of individual overlapping elements of flat rectangular shapes arranged in rows from the lower edge of the roof upwards, with each successive row overlapping the joints below.

Shingle roofing is made from materials like wood, slate, slab, metal, plastic, and composite materials like fiber cement and asphalt shingles.

Benefits of Shingle Roofing
  • Your Asphalt will be more resistant and refined due to its thickness and composition
  • Increased wind resistance, some can withstand 1220 mph winds, while standard shingles can withstand 60-80 mph winds.
  • Better fire resistance than standard composition tiles
  • This type of roof offers a guarantee of 5 years for labor and 30 years for manufacturing of the material.
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Shingle Roofing Replacement Company Offering High Durability

If your roof is more than 10 years old and you see that it has suffered different types of damage that even water is leaking and you do not feel safe, then we will show you how we carry out the shingle roofing replacement process:

  1. Initial inspection by our Atlanta roofing company, to detect damage to the roof. This inspection is completely free.
  2. Approval of the process by the insurance company or the property owner.
  3. Shingles replacement project schedule.
  4. Total replacement of the roof with chosen tile (3 Tab or architectural)
  5. Delivery of the Guarantee.

Shingle Roofing Repair Company with Experience in Detail

On the contrary, if your roof is new or it’s less than 10 years old, it can still suffer damage that can be repaired and does not necessarily have to be completely replaced. We take care of doing a complete inspection to analyze the damages, advise you and give you an honest estimate to repair them.

These are the types of damage your roof can suffer:

  • Leaks: It is common for roofs to leak water. This is due to poor flashing installation or the impact of weather over time.
  • Blow-offs: Shingles can be detached by wind and moisture leaks, causing them to come loose from the roof.
  • Curled or Raised Shingles: Poor shingle placement allows moisture to mold and sag. If the curvature is less, they could be repaired, however, if the shingles are very curved it is better to replace them.
  • Puddles: A flat roof without the correct slope can collect puddles of water from the rain. In this case, it is necessary to find where the puddle forms to avoid moisture damage.
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Our Shingle Roofing Installation Process

1. Remove Old Shingles.
2. Remove and replace wood in poor condition.
3. Installation of waterproof synthetic paper, preventing leaks into the wood.
4. Installation of anti-water paper, protecting the accumulation of water in the roof falls.
5. Remove and install new plumbing boots.
6. Remove old vent and install new.
7. Installation of sheet metal in or areas where it is needed to prevent chimney water leaks.
8. Installation of sheet metal (Dripge) on the edges of the roof, controlling the flow of water and driving it out of the property protecting water channels and the walls of the house.
9. Installation of a new roof following the correct installation rules.
10. Finally, remove trash and debris from the old roof removal around, front and sides of the property.

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