Does your roof require a replacement and do you need the insurer to cover it?

At GA Exclusive Construction we provide advisory and assistance service so that the roofing insurance claim and the repair are made with the right budget.

If you think your roof needs to be replaced due to damage caused by weather events and other factors, you can start an inspection and repair process with your insurer.

However, we have seen that many owners do not carry out the process correctly, which ends in a rejection by the insurers.

That is why It is not recommended that you contact a local agent, much less make your claim directly with the insurer.

This is a mistake that many homeowners make. The best way to do this is by contacting a professional and trusted roofing company to do the respective inspection obtaining data with concrete evaluations on the condition of your roof before making the claim.

Otherwise, if you decide to realize the claim without a proper inspection, the insurer will likely reject your claim.

So before we show you the complete process for Roofing Insurance Claims, we recommend that you consider the following:

Perform regular maintenance of your roof.

If it has not been done for more than 10 years, the insurer may not respond due to negligence.

Insurers do not cover all types of repairs.

They usually do it for weather events, fires, among others. That is why it is important to check what your policy coverage is.

The insurer cannot force you to accept the contracting company they provide.

You have the right to choose the company that will do the repair.

You can request an inspection by a public adjuster.

You have the right of doing it if you are not satisfied with the one your insurer has sent for inspection.

These are important details that may be a difficult task for you, but it is easier than you think. Don´t worry...

Adequate Advice for Roof Damage Insurance Claims

At GA Exclusive Construction we provide support so that your claim and budget are precisely adjusted to the replacement of your roof.

We go to your house, realize a damage inspection, take measurements, analyze materials and more, to pass you an accurate report that you can present to your insurer and then schedule an adjuster visit.

And once the insurance adjuster performs the inspection, we will be by your side to verify that the amount that will be awarded for the repair is correct.

Finally, our company with great experience in roofing will take care of the repair making sure that the insurance company meets the total budget.

So that you have a clearer idea, below, we show you how is the accompaniment and advice process that we provide you so that the repair of your roof is carried out successfully:

How Does Our Residential & Commercial Roofing Insurance Claims Service Work

If you need to make a claim process with the insurer for the replacement of your roof, this is the process that we help you to carry out:
Identification of roofs that apply to be replaced
Inform the prospective customer that their roof may be suitable for replacement through their insurer.
Perform a free inspection on our part to identify roof damage
Inform the customer that their roof is suitable for replacement through their insurance
File the claim with the Client, calling the insurer
Wait for the insurer to schedule a visit from their inspector to identify the damage to the roof
Wait for a response between 7 and 10 business days from the approval of the roof
The client receives from the insurer the quote with the value for which his roof was tested and the first check
The client informs us that he already has an quote and first check to proceed to schedule the replacement of his roof
The replacement of the roof is carried out and once this process has been completed, the final invoice with the Photos that support the replacement of the roof is sent to the insurer so that the insurer can make the payment of the second check
Upon receipt of the second check from our Client, the claim with the insurance company is closed

Before making the claim with your insurance company, make sure you have the help of a contracting company with knowledge in claims and, above all, that has the experience to do a correct repair of your roof.

At GA Exclusive Construction we make sure that from the inspection process to the final repair, it is carried out in compliance with your insurance policy for the satisfaction of the owners.

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